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Grażyna Brodzińska

Grażyna Brodzińska (Poland)

Chair of the Panel of Judges, Honorary Guest of the “Vistula Sounds” Festival.

The First Lady of the Polish Music Scene, known and admired by tens of thousands of fans across the world. With perfection in every move and gesture, Grażyna Brodzińska amazes spectators with her voice, elegance and temperament. Offering listeners the highest levels of vocal performance, Brodzińska’s repertoire covers classical pieces, musical gems, as well as world hits in a variety of musical genres. She could be seen and heard in many leading roles in operettas, musicals and musical comedies, including as Hanna Glawari in “The Merry Widow” by F. Lehar, Sylvia Varescu in “The Riviera Girl” by E. Kálmán, Countess Zedlau in the “Viennese Spirit” and Annina in “A Night in Venice”, both by J. Strauss, and La Périchole in “La Périchole” by J. Offenbach. She also played and sang the parts of Dolly Galagher Levi in “Hello Dolly” by J. Herman, Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady” by F. Loewe, and Dorothy Brock in the “42nd Street” by H. Warren. At the Kammeroper in Vienna Grażyna Brodzińska sang the part of Eurydice in “Orpheus in the Underworld” by J. Offenbach, and the part of Zerlina in Mozart’s opera “Don Giovanni”. She was also guest performing the part of Adela in “The Flittermouse” by J. Strauss and the part of Kasia in M. Kamieński’s opera “Poverty Made Happy”. With her Adela pieces from “The Flittermouse” Grażyna Brodzińska completed a tour of Germany, amazing listeners across many musical scenes of the country. She was a soloist of the Szczecin Musical Theatre, the Warsaw, and the Gliwice Musical Theatre. Her performances are frequently accompanied by leading philharmonic and opera orchestras of the world. She has given multiple performances at home and abroad, including in the USA, Canada, France, Austria, England, Italy, Belgium, Israel, the Netherlands, and Australia. She is the main star of dedicated multimedia performances, including the “Musical Alley of Stars”, “The Best of Broadway”, “Do Not Forget Me”, “Magical Hollywood”, and “Sing and Dance”. She performed on multiple occasions at the Jan Kiepura European Festival in Krynica. Grażyna Brodzińska produced many television and radio recordings, and was frequently presented with prestigious awards for her stage accomplishments.



ILLARIA (Ukraine)

Singer, composer, songwriter, music producer, actress, vocal coach, founder of own creative studio “Illaria's Vocal Workshop”, tutor at the Glier Kyiv Institute of Music. In the Ukraine ILLARIA is well known for her mystical image, original repertoire and a sensual, strong voice, covering a range of three octaves. In her songs and performances ILLARIA attempts to combines folk motifs with contemporary world trends. For her love of Ukrainian lyrics and folk songs, the musician is often referred to as the “soul of the country”. To date ILLARIA has released 5 studio albums, held performances in many countries around the world, including in Canada, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Poland, and the UK. She also took part in the Ukrainian TV show, “Voice”, as well as in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. ILLARIA holds several national awards, including “Singer of the Year” as part of the National “Favourites of Success” Award, as well as an award from the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture for her personal contribution to the national culture. The singer has frequently been a judge of both the Eurovision and the Junior Eurovision Song Contests, as well as many other national and international festivals.

Joanna Zagdańska

Joanna Zagdańska (Poland)

Vocalist, musician, educator, PhD, college tutor. Joanna has been performing extensively at home and abroad, accompanied by, among others, the Poznan Radio Orchestra conducted by Z. Górny, Alex Band conducted by A. Maliszewski, Big Warsaw Band conducted by S. Fiałkowski, Kukla Band conducted by Z. Kukla, singing jazz, musical, and original repertoire written specifically for her by outstanding Polish writers (including A. Żółkoś, J. Wołek, J. Holm, M. Skolarski, J. Bukowski, A. Mogielnicki, and others). Ms Zagdańska has won a variety of prestigious awards at international signing competitions (including in Slovakia, Turkey, and Bulgaria), where she represented Poland. She also won numerous awards at many Polish festivals and competitions, including the Sopot International Song Festival and the Polish Song Contest in Opole. Since 2003 Ms Zagdańska has been teaching at the F. Nowowiejski Music Academy in Bydgoszcz, and in 2006 she started collaborating with the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz. She is actively performing, provides vocal coaching at courses, workshops, serves as a judge, and actively participates in various vocal projects, including her solo record “Joanna Zagdańska. Wybrane utwory (Selected Songs) – Adam Żółkoś, Dave Brubeck”, released in 2018. Her students and alumnae of the jazz singing class have won awards at international and national vocal competitions, are winners and runners-up in TV shows such as “The Voice of Poland” on TVP, “The Four” on TV Polsat, and grantees of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Sławomir Małecki

Sławomir Małecki (Poland)

Mr. Małecki produced 11 solo records and played at the majority of festivals at home and abroad. He is a member of the ZAiKS Society of Authors, the STOART Union of Performing Artists’ Associations, and the “Fryderyk” Phonographic Academy. Received multiple awards and distinctions for his musical achievements, social engagement, as well as his work for the city of Ciechocinek, including: the Voivode’s Award for artistic achievement, nomination for the “Fryderyk” phonographic award, the Staszic Medal for the contributions to the city of Ciechocinek, the Elder’s Distinction for artistic achievement, the “Złota Muza” (Golden Muse) Elder’s Distinction for artistic achievement, the “Volunteer of the Year 2007” award, Prof. Lorentowicz Medal for outstanding contribution for the Ciechocinek Resort, Mayor of Ciechocinek’s Distinction for the support and promotion of cultural performances by persons with disabilities, the Elder’s Distinction for lifetime achievement, a star monument in the Ciechocinek Walk of Fame, the Marshal’s award for artistic achievement, the “Zasłużony dla kultury” (Meritorious for Polish Culture) Decoration of Honour awarded by the Minister of Culture, as well as the WOŚP Medal commemorating the charity’s 25th and 30th anniversary.

Veronika Yanovskaya

Veronika Yanovskaya (Belarus)

Jazz singer, vocal coach, founder and artistic director of the “Contemporary School of Vocal Art” in Minsk. Thanks to higher musical education and many years of experience in the delivery of pop and jazz vocal techniques, as well as experience in conducting, Miss Yanovskaya has developed her own vocal coaching methods, and since 2015 she has been managing her own school of vocal art. She authored the “Children Sing Jazz” project in Minsk, and is the vocalist of the “Port Monait” jazz quartet. As a soloist, she has worked on multiple occasions with the renowned conductor, Alexander Humala, including as part of the joint project with the “Sonorus” State Band. Miss Yanovskaya continues to hone her skills, attending a variety of masterclasses with world-class coaches and artists from the USA, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Russia, and Lithuania. Miss Yanovskaya has been frequently asked to deliver vocal masterclasses at various international competitions, including in Byelorussia, Lithuania, and Finland. She is the standing judge at “Baltic Voice” (Lithuania) and the “Musical Talent League” (Lithuania) contests. In addition, Miss Yanovskaya was a judge at the following competitions: “Vive la France” (France), “Premier” (Ukraine), “Magnolia” (Poland), “Bravo, Turku” (Finland), as well as the “Golden Voice” (Armenia). Students of Miss Yanovskaya’s classes have won numerous prizes and awards at international and domestic competitions and musical TV projects, including the “New Wave Junior”, the “Eurovision Song Contest", the “X-Factor”, and the “X Jazz Festival”. Many of her students are pursuing further education at universities and conservatories in Byelorussia, Russia, Austria, Germany, and the United States, and giving concerts as part of significant jazz projects, such as the “X Jazz For Kids”, accompanied by the Polish master drummer, Bodek Janke.

Anna Poghosyan

Anna Poghosyan (Armenia)

Soprano, classical vocal tutor, vocalist. Over 2001-2005 Ms Poghosyan served as a teaching assistant at the Vocal Department of the Komitas Conservatory in Yerevan, Armenia, and since 2005 she has been working as a singing tutor at the same department. In 2017 Ms Poghosyan was nominated associate professor of the Komitas Conservatory. She is also a soloist of the Armenian National Philharmonic, as well as a member of the Armenian Social Council for Culture. Ms Poghosyan has won several international festivals and vocal competitions, including 1st prize and gold medal at the International Competition in Italy, as well as a Grand Prix at the Competition in Spain. She has worked as a soloist with various Armenian orchestras and choirs, led by outstanding conductors (e.g. S. Yerkanyan, H. Cheqijyan, Z. Vardanyan, and others). Ms Poghosyan is also a soprano in the chamber ensemble, the KRUNK TRIO. In addition to her work as a vocal tutor, she has been developing her singing career at home and abroad though live performances and concerts in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Bulgaria, Iran, China, and others. Students taught by Ms Poghosyan have won international singing competitions, and the artist sits on judging panels of many international vocal contests.

Jarosław Wasik

Jarosław Wasik (Poland)

Vocalist, cultural studies expert, lyricist. Jarosław is a well-known performer in Poland and abroad. He is one of the winners of the “Debiuty” (“Debuts”) concert of the Polish Song Contest “Opole '94”, Student Song Contest in Krakow, Olsztyn Castle “Śpiewajmy Poezję” (“Let’s Sing Poetry”) Vocal Reunions, and many other festivals. Jarosław is a two-time recipient of the “The Lyre of Orpheus” – the grand prize of the central qualifiers for the national recitation contest in the “Sung Poetry” category. Jarosław has released 4 records: “Nastroje” (“Moods”), “Zielony z niebieskim” (“Green and Blue”), “Fabryka nastrojów” (“The Mood Factory”) and “Nie dotykaj” (“Do Not Touch”). Since 2000 Jarosław Wasik has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Student Song Contest in Krakow, and since 2017 – a member of the Board of Directors of the Polish Song Contest in Opole. He has also been the managing director of the Polish Song Museum in Opole since 2013. Jarosław Wasik has served as judge at numerous vocal contests and festivals worldwide.


Aldegunda (Lithuania)

Multi-talented vocalist, artist, creative visionary, composer, arranger, producer, elegant and sophisticated. A native and citizen of Lithuania, with a wide international cultural perspective. As a vocalist and song writer, Aldegunda has developed her own bold, unique, interpretive and original singing style that fully and expressively incorporates her influences ranging from Lithuanian folk, jazz, pop, blues, Latin and R&B, Euro and rock traditions. Aldegunda has performed and recorded with some of the finest and well known musicians in the United States and Europe, including Arina, Kęstutis Stančiauskas, Virgilijus Noreika, Gediminas Zujus, Robert Irving III (formally with Miles Davis), Charles Heath IV (currently with Ramsey Lewis), Brienne Perry (formally with the Woody Herman Big Band), William McClellan (currently with Cassandra Wilson), the Daniel Wearring Gospel Group, and other musicians in Chicago and New York. Aldegunda has performed at prestigious concert venues and private events throughout the United States, including the Athenaeum Theatre, Chopin Theater, University of Chicago’s International House, Shapeshifter's Lab in Brooklyn NY, and the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington DC. She also participated in the “Eurovision” Song Contest in 2019, 2021 and 2022. Aldegunda and her son Ąžuolas competed in the 2022 edition of the reality singing competition “The Voice of Lithuania. Generations”. Impressive creative, producing, management and organizational abilities are the skills that move Aldegunda beyond being a vocalist. She has successfully produced and co-produced major concerts and private events, and she has received praise from prestigious, internationally respected newspapers, including the New York Times, as well as every major Lithuanian and Lithuanian American news outlet.

Rossi Yordanova

Rossi Yordanova (Bulgaria)

Conductor, composer, vocal teacher, producer, CEO of the “Art Voices” Music Agency, director of international music festivals: the “Abanico” and the “Sofia Grand Prix” under the auspices of the Mayor of Sofia and the Bulgarian national television, as well as the “Ulpia Serdica” choir festival. Ms Yordanova is a judge in multiple prestigious international competitions and festivals in many countries, including Armenia, Italy, Spain, Macedonia, Malta, and Moldova. Rossi Yordanova is the conductor and artistic director of the “Shtastlivetsa” choir which delivered multiple successful performances in many countries, captivating audiences with varied repertoires, unique arrangements and innovative interpretations. Ms Yordanova is the chief vocal coach and director of the “ArtschoolStudio Music Sofia”, one of the best vocal and music studios in Bulgaria. Her students frequently participate in international festivals, winning numerous awards and prizes, give concerts in Sofia and other cities of Bulgaria, and take part in various television and radio shows, including the Eurovision Song Contest, The Voice of Bulgaria, Staracademy, The X Factor, Music Idol, The Big Hopes, and many others. Ms Yordanova is an associate professor and provides instruction at The National Academy of Music “Prof. Pantcho Vladigerov” in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Claire McCartin

Claire McCartin (Malta)

Vocalist, Vocal Instructor/Consultant, Producer, Composer, Lyricist. Claire is a well-known vocalist with a distinctive blues voice and over the years, has held performances in various countries, namely the USA, Russia and Austria. From 2000-2016, Claire was a member and soloist of the famous 200-strong Maltese choir Voices. She is currently also the resident vocal coach of the production company Arthaus MT, a 2010 Malta Eurovision finalist, and the Maltese representative of the UK examination board Rockschool. In order to sustain and enhance her versatility and vocal exploration, not just as a singer but also as a musician and educator, in 2007 Claire joined the critically acclaimed Speech Level Singing (SLS) organisation and worked as a certified SLS instructor for five years. She completed a two-year course with the renowned Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA and currently she forms part of the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA), Modern Vocal Training (MVT), and also Profty, the creator of the world’s best artist development programs. She works from her personal vocal studio mentoring several established and upcoming artists. Her students include the winners of the Maltese Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza festival in 2018 and 2021, the winner of the Maltese Ghanja tal-Poplu festival in 2019, the San Marino representative at the Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal 2018, and the Maltese representative at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Poland 2020.

Janusz Kruciński

Janusz Kruciński (Poland)

Actor, vocalist, lyricist, photography enthusiast. Janusz has performed on numerous stages of Polish musical theatres (Chorzow, Gdynia, Szczecin, Poznan and Warsaw) where he created many leading roles, in plays belonging to a top line of world musicals, including Che in “Evita”, Jesus in “Jesus Christ Superstar”, Roger in “Rent”, Chris in “Miss Saigon”, Jean Valjean in “Les Misérables”, as well as the leading role in “Jekyll & Hyde”, plus many others. Moving from one stage to another, Janusz has been able to collaborate with outstanding Polish songwriters, including Katarzyna Gärtner, Bartłomiej Gliniak, Zygmunt Konieczny, Włodzimierz Korcz, and Piotr Rubik. Janusz’ photography, introducing viewers to the deepest corners of the theatre (both literally and figuratively), were shown at the Szczecin Castle Opera, Poznan Musical Theatre, and the Warsaw ROMA Musical Theatre. Janusz Kruciński also co-authored a unique album dedicated to the Warsaw production of the musical “Les Misérables”. Janusz Kruciński for years has been a song interpreter and writer. He has also voice-acted in many animated movies for young viewers.

Mitya Effterman

Mitya Effterman (Moldova)

Composer, producer, director of the production center “Effterman Production”. Producer of the OBZOR's HOPE festivals in Bulgaria, the TURKISH HOPE festivals in Turkey, and the GREECE's HOPE festivals in Greece. Creator and producer of the online interactive TV festival “JUNIOR's HOPE online” and video bridge “JUNIOR’s CONFERENCE” in Moldova. Producer of the Children's Harmonious Development Association – JUNIOR. President of the “International Action Art – UNESCO” in Moldova. Professional DJ, sound engineer and producer. Owner of the “Effterman Production” video & audio recording studio. Producer and manager of the Eurovision national artist selection in Moldova. Frequent guest as music expert on the radio and television: Russian Radio, STS TV Channel, RTR TV Channel. Lecturer at the Slavic University in Kishinev at the Faculty of Journalism, with an original “Practical course in non-linear audio and video editing”. Judge at international festivals and television competitions, including the “Music Talent League” (Lithuania), “Abanico” (Bulgaria), “Golden Apple” (Moldova), “Crystal Star” (France) and “Galaxy Star” (Russia). Recipient of the award of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Greece for his creative contribution to the development of international cultural ties.