The KRUNK (in the past Triumph) trio was established in 2015 and since then has participated in a number of concerts and has had solo concerts in Artsakh, Armenia, Poland, Bulgaria and Italy (Krunk in Armenian means Crane).

The trio's repertoire includes a variety of musical styles, including works by Armenian, Russian and Western European composers. But giving importance to the works of Armenian composers, KRUNK considers its key mission to be the dissemination, cultivate and popularize of Armenian Vocal Arts. The KRUNK trio also works in close collaboration with contemporary Armenian composers.

In 2016 the KRUNK trio was awarded by the RA Ministry of Diaspora with the medal and certificate of participation in the "My Armenia" Pan-Armenian Festival (Yerevan). In 2017 the trio was awarded by the Union of Composers of Armenia for dissemination of Armenian music (Yerevan).

The members of the trio also carry out concerts as well as pedagogical activities. The Trio members are laureates of many international competitions and festivals.


The Trio members:

A Poghosyan 

Anna Poghosyan /soprano/

Anna Poghosyan was born in Yerevan. In 1991 she graduated from the K. Sarajyan School of Music and over 1992-1995 she continued her musical education at the A. Babajanyan College of Music. In the years 1995-2000 she studied at the Piano Department of the Komitas National Conservatoire in Yerevan. She went on to work on her singing at the Vocal Studies Department of the same school over 1996-2001. From 2001 until 2003 Anna perfected her operatic singing skills during a postgraduate programme in operatic performance. Over the years 2001-2005 she was a teaching assistant at the Vocal Studies Department of the Komitas National Conservatoire in Yerevan, and since 2005 she has worked as a singing tutor at the same department. In 2017 she was awarded the rank of principal lecturer of the school. Anna Poghosyan is a soloist with the Armenian National Philharmonic and is a member of the Social Council of the Republic of Armenia focusing on cultural affairs. She participated in the international competition in Italy where she was awarded 1st prize and a gold medal, and in Spain where she won the Grand Prix. As a soloist she works with various Armenian orchestras and choirs led by acclaimed conductors, including S. Yerkanyan, H. Cheqijyan, Z. Vardanyan, and others. She has given concerts in Armenia, Artsakh, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Iran, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, and many other countries. She frequently serves as a jury member at international singing competitions.


Sar Sargsyan

Sar Sargsyan /baritone/

Sar Sargsyan was born on 19 March 1981 in the town of Hadrut in Artsakh. He started his musical education at the Komitas School of Music in Hadrut. In 2002, Sar graduated from the vocal faculty of the Sayat-Nova College of Music in the city of Stepanakert. In 2007, he completed a course at the vocal faculty of the Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan, followed by post-graduate studies at the same school a year later. Sar Sargsyan has performed extensively, including at multiple concerts and shows in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, the USA, UAE, Poland, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania, China and other countries. Apart from the classical pieces, Sar Sargsyan also performs a variety of well-known and popular songs. Winner of numerous awards and recognitions, including the Grand Prix at international festivals and competitions (Poland, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Armenia, Croatia). His first solo CD recording, “Karot” (Longing), was published in 2012. Sar Sargsyan makes frequent appearances on judge panels at international vocal competitions.


M Sargsyan

Margarit Sargsyan /piano/

Margarit Sargsyan was born in Yerevan. In 1987 she graduated from the P. Tchaikovsky School of Music in her hometown. In the same year she started her studies at the Piano Department of the Komitas National Conservatoire in Yerevan, and graduated in 1992. In 1995 she completed a postgraduate programme in piano accompaniment. Over 1997-98 she attended multiple masterclasses with renowned pianists: I. Rohmann and A. Satz. Working as a piano accompanist, she worked with many acclaimed international musicians and singers, including K. Meyer, E. Blachova, S. Scott, G. Zhislin, A. Nicolet, and M. Letiec. Since her graduation in 1992 she has worked as a lecturer at the Komitas National Conservatoire in Yerevan; in 2011 she was awarded the rank of professor. In 2017 she received the Gold Medal from the Armenian Ministry of Culture for her contribution to the country’s cultural development. Margarit Sargsyan has won many accompaniment prizes at national and international festivals and competitions. She has produced multiple radio and television recordings, including in Armenia, Macedonia, Poland, and Turkey. She has given concerts in Armenia, Austria, Canada, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, North Korea, Poland, Russia, Spain, and Turkey. She continues to perform at concerts, working with various well-known Armenian singers. She is an author of many specialist publications, including two books. In addition to being a pianist, Margarit also works as a composer and arranger.